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An end or acquaintance does some­thing uncharacteristic possibly even self destructive and you have a hard time understanding why.  Allow some time to pass before making a judgment.



Cautious.  Be careful handling financial assets.  You won't want to hit a dead end in that department again.  Be sharp.



Escape.  The pressure's off Now you can think about putting some fun back in your life Travel entertainment? Take your pick.



Progress.  There seems to be a silver lining to just about everything that occurs today.  Career hopes get a boost and so does your ego.  Enjoy your good fortune.



A end with a knack for finding restaurants that serve fabulous foods drags you along to a new eatery.  Make it clear from the get go what you're prepared to spend.



You're out of touch with reality 'due to a tendency to daydream. Focus the creativity inherent in such dreaming and you'll be able to accomplish something concrete even if it's not artistic.



You take a look at all your posses­sions and decide to hold a garage or yard sale during an upcoming weekend to unload anything that you feel no longer has value.



Prominent.  You're action oriented and no wonder you seem to know that what­ever you do will have the desired dramatic effect.  Bask in the praise.



Odd.  Draw a firm line with one who plays on your sympathies. There  be something strange going on here Check it out.



Demand.  Speak up if you want tangible proof of loyalty from one who injects him or herself into your private affairs.  8e bold in this



Active.  There  be some emo­tional rough going this morning. Try to let it roll off your back You could be a real party animal tonight; have a fun time.



Insight.  Most of the day's main influences occur while you're asleep.  Try to re­member your dreams; one of them could turn out to be quite psychic.