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Thereís a lot of silly chatter now thatís bothersome as well as unnecessary. Stick to your job, script, or whatever! Pay close affairs to money matters.



Check out a money concern before deciding on any kind of power move. You might have to switch funds suddenly to cover unexpected costs that arise. Hop to it!



This is one of those long, lazy days when lounging around is actually good for you. Thereís nothing terribly urgent to tackle, so relax and enjoy the creature comforts you love.



You could meet your match on a verbal game of skill that erupts today. Itís all good fun; donít personalize the situation. You can be very convincing, you know?



Donít grumble about one little obstacle in your path. There are ways to get over, under or around a hurdle once you make a concerted effort to do so. Try!



Youíre a standout, whether or not you consciously want to be one. Cool elegance and good manners set you apart from the crowd.



Nothing goes as planned this evening, but thatís OK. Who wants everything to be routine? Somebody important gets in touch.



A follow-up call this AM is intriguing. Accept an invitation thatís offered, but be prepared for almost anything! You could change your mind at the last minute.



Life can be a big adventure when you shake off inhibitions and show the world who you really are. You have the upper hand calling the shots on an agreement reached tonight.



Upsetting the statuesque appeals to your playful nature. Think twice, though, before doing or saying something youíll regret later on.



Lovely Venus glides into your sign and there you are, looking drop-dead gorgeous. Use your wits as well as your looks to convince others youíre not a flash in the pan.



Who can blame you if your thoughts are centered on romance? Donít go overboard just to impress someone youíre attracted to.