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Some good news will lift your spirits and you might find that you attitude is notch or two higher than usual. It's possible that something nice happens to a loved one, and this makes you happy.



Whatever is happening at work or in your immediate environment has you busy, productive and feeling pleased. Others are cooperative, so make the most of this and get as much done as you can.



You're sensitive to the feeling of others today. Something you weren't expecting is part of the news and this livens things up. Enjoy the people around you and let them see your sunny nature.



A personal or family problem is holding you back some. See if you can get past this for now and just be there with (and for) the people around you. Single out one special friend and have a talk.



You'll be happy that the weekend is here because you probably have lots of things you want to get done. You have a lot of energy and you're not afraid of a challenge. Don't push yourself too much.



Home is where you'll most likely be happiest tonight. Settle in for a good TV movie or book and share the evening with just one other person. If you don't do too much this cab be a pleasant time.



You're mentally focused and at peace for the most part and you can make giant strides towards your goals now. Believe in yourself look towards the future and go after what you really want.



The pace is slowing down, and you can find pockets of time to do the things that involve you with others. Someone in your circle has enough enthusiasm for two. Join in and have good time.



Financial upturns of some sort. There's a element of luck here, so take a chance on the lottery or purchase something for your home that will add a little beauty or comfort.



Not all the news is pleasant, and people might just be a little too chatty for your tastes. Keep out of the way of blowhards and trouble-makers. One friend in particular is fun to be with.



Either a domestic or career problem is affecting you personally and you need to remove yourself from the strife it causes. Sometimes that best way to deal with an upset is a good book and cup of tea.



If you haven't already realized it, a friend has a lot to offer. Listen carefully, and let some of the excitement pass on to you. Plan something fun for tonight and you should have a really good time.