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You meet someone who tells you about an organization or group that sounds fascinating.  You investigate and decide that you have a lot in comĀ­ with some of its members.



Great.  Recent concerns won't be evident today It  be a work day but the evening is pure delight.   An emotional involvement perhaps?



A friend who lives far away contacts you to tell you some interesting news.  Plans you make for the upcoming week change many times but finally settle into something definite.



Your recent attraction to a close end confuses you even more when you discover that the feeling  be mutual.  Perhaps your feelings belong in the realm of fantasy not reality.



Tricky.  Wouldn't you know you couldn't trust a pal to keep a secret? Well no one said so!



Consider.  He who hesitates might not get very far with personal pursuits.  If you don't push yourself who will? You can get what you want if you really want it!



Others are impressed by your serious attitude and dedication to work but you don't quite believe in their praise.  Some self-doubt is healthy but don't overdo it just believe.



An item you find like a photograph of you as a youngster posing an ends or family brings on an attack of nostalgia.  You enjoy the challenge a difficult task offers.



You work hard to figure out the means to gain new assets and to limit your liabilities because you want to feel financially secure.  Your new budget will be a success!



A community leader wants you to participate in a local event that takes place later in the year and needs your input to finalize his or her plans.  A question gets answered.



You want to add a room or two to your home possibly because there's a new member in the household.  If you're working overtime or getting a second job to finance the venture don't overdo.



You think about your earning potential because you want to increase your level of prosperity.  If you have a number of untapped talents perhaps a money making venture could be based around these.