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Unforeseen circumstances could alter your plans for an intimate encounter or a rendezvous with someone with whom you're intimate could turn into more of a sexual escapade than you expected.



Wait.  Hanging loose or holding tight? Your mind could play tricks on you if you let it Sleep on it tonight try to decide tomorrow.



Diplomacy.  Personal affairs look promising early this morning. That's before you get out of bed though! Later better handle relationships with kid gloves.



Aren't looking for romance?  But it could be looking for you It wouldn't hurt to be a little more open around others.



Great Beneficial trends in effect now should give you a nice feeling. Power pres­tige and romance are highlighted.



React.  You might get off on the wrong foot this morning.  Better shift gears in a hurry; you face competition where you live or work.



A meeting you attend goes well and you're pleased that all your work behind the scenes wasn't wasted.  You enjoy both the camaraderie and the professionalism of the attendees.



You're prone to buying big ticket items on impulse so avoid shopping areas if you want to stick to your budget.  You make progress in bringing a long term goal to fruition.



Happy memories from your childhood inspire you to do something reminiscent.  An impromptu party brings you into contact with a fascinating individ­ual A tax or insurance matter could prove troublesome.



Cautious.  Returns on a long-term investment  be evident today. Don't spend all your money. Yet rainy days do occur from time to time.



Promising.  A case of the moody blues  get you down this AM.   Wait it out You could be in the pink by this afternoon.



Distinctive.  Your creative touch is simply amazing If your home isn't a castle it's definitely a showplace with lots of pizzazz.