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You'll make some important revisions in an investment strategy. A businessperson is evasive and hard to pin down. You'll have an absolutely delightful time if you find yourself at a social event.



You'll be dealing with someone who has his feet out the aisle-try not to quarrel. Take care not to put off a necessary household repair. Tonight does not favor entertaining guest at home.



Luck is with you in home interest. However, faultfinding with a relative can get you in trouble. You won't know where someone stands regarding a work matter. Be moderate in behavior.



Quality time spent with your family will be rewarding. However, you may have mixed feelings about putting up company from out of town. Social plans for tonight may be subject to change.



An acquaintance ill show signs of being jealous of you. Hobbies that stimulate you mentally will be rewarding. An understanding is reached with a child. You'll tend to daydream tonight.



Be tactful in you dealings with a friend who is overly sensitive. You'll be pleased with today's financial developments. Sports and physical exercise are favored. Don't overtire yourself.



Your intuition is invaluable in business dealings. Perhaps there'll be an offer for a job that cab be done from home. The A.M. will bring achievements, but you may slacken your efforts later.



Focus your attention on job concern and matters relating to physical fitness. You'll meet with an unexpected opportunity to get ahead, but try not to quarrel with a co-worker.



There are probably aggravations at work, abut it's not a good time to force issues. Keep a low profile. Some money due you is likely to be delayed. Be sure to meet a partner halfway tonight.



Teamwork will bring success with a project. Weekend travel looks promising. A good time awaits you socially and romantically. IF single, you're apt to be swept off your feet by a new admirer.



Home-based activities prove more rewarding than outside entertainments. Your intuit8ion will serve you well in a work matter. Put shopping for big-ticket item on your agenda if you can.



Financial matters are on your mind early today. You may be concerned about money owed you . A sensitive friend will benefit from our words of encouragement. Express yourself tonight.