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This is one of the better days of the year to shop for electronics; you’ll find great bargains. You and a partner will make special entertainment plans. Tonight has potential to be truly romantic.



Your communicative skills are tops, so be sure to make those important phone calls. One friend, though, may be stubborn and unreasonable. Some will face extra duties in connection with parenting.



You’ll be dealing with someone who plays his or her cards close to the chest. Still, it’s a great time for realizing your objectives, especially in business. Enjoy family interests after dark.



Your charm and personality will serve you well in negotiations. You’ll meet with moneymaking opportunities. Some of you will be asked to assume a leadership position in connection with a club.



You’ll need to be tactful in dealing with a temperamental work associate. Absentmindedness could cause you to misplace something that you need. Don’t let a minor problem get you upset tonight.



The morning hours will bring you success in a negotiation, but crossed signals could lead to a minor mix up or misunderstanding after dark. You may be tempted to overspend on a luxury item.



A familiar activity or haunt will suit you best for entertainment. An old friend would like to hear form you. Partnership concerns will be resolved. Tonight may bring some unexpected expenses.



You’ll feel that a friend is jealous of you in some way. However, this is an excellent time to hold family discussions and to make important financial decisions. Tonight brings misinformation.



If you spend too much money, you’ll have regrets later. This is, however, a good time to do research into a possible investment. You may reconcile with someone from whom you’ve been estranged.



The AM is your best time for reaching agreements with others. Partners work well together. Some of you will make plans to take a trip. A metaphysical subject piques your interest.



Focus your attention on educational interests and matters at a distance. An innovative business move can prove successful. Getting together with good friends after dark will be enjoyable.



The right combination of charm and aggressiveness will bring you gains on the job and prove instrumental in making some important business contacts. Be patient with an unreliable friend.