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Crystal Psychic Reader
Crystal – Offline
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Relationships, Finances, Past Lives
Psychic,Tarot, Angel Cards
Automatic Writing, Channeling, Clairsentient
Compassionate , Thoughtful, Wise
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Crystal's Bio:

I am clairvoyant (clear seeing) clair cognizant (clear knowing) and clairsentient (clear feeling). I also receive information from my main spirit guide. My first recollection of my psychic abilities began at the age of 9 when I had a clairvoyant dream. Moments later it was revealed to be true.

Crystal's Testimonials:

Thank you for your great reading....you always read into my situation well.Thank you!

Anonymous, USA

Super accurate and to the point. Thank you.

Anonymous, USA

Thank you. Again so much for keeping me focused and raising my hopes. Thank you.

Anonymous, USA

Very quick and great to talk to. Will call again!

Anonymous, USA

Thank you! Your support is so greatly appreciated and you are incredible!

Anonymous, USA

Always like to call to get my weekly update. Thanks! Was 100% accurate on the last call. She told me things would work out with the pay and it did on time just like she said. She predictsthe rest of it will come in as it should as well as a second interview and subsequent offer.

Anonymous, USA