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Christie Psychic Reader
Christie – Offline
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Relationships, Career, Finances, Loss, medium, Destiny
Psychic, Channeling, Spirit Guides, Tarot
Clairvoyant, Medium, Channeling, Clairaudient, Clairsentient
Honest, Thougtful, Wise
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Christie's Bio:

I am an experienced reader and have always felt my true calling is helping others find their correct path in life. My preferred tools are tarot and oracle cards as they create a picture to follow as I channel knowledge from spirit guides, departed loved ones, and source.

Christie's Testimonials:

She is a divine spirit, always on point, I wish we could chat everyday, she told me I passed my test, and to start celebrating, and I have. Thats how much I believe in her.

Anonymous, USA

Wow is all I can say!!! I really only had one question but everything that was revealed was worth the conversation!!! She predicted one of my dreams from the past!! When I say a must call and an amazing lady. That is truth! 30 days she says and I will definitely update you! Thanks so much Kids, love and blessings to you:-)

Anonymous, USA

Update on previous call: EXACTLY what she predicted happened....GREAT NEWS and I am beyond happy!!!! She predicted in 13 days..it was 13 to THE DAY - WOW she is the absolute REAL DEAL and now my favorite advisor :)

Anonymous, USA

Very accurate vision into my life situation without me telling her!!! I so VERY look forward to the prediction 13 days from now... it could not come soon enough. THANK YOU!!

Anonymous, USA