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Uranus Square Pluto


Uranus is coming to square Pluto once again.  The impact will be from May 3-June 8.  Like any cycle, it is important to review prior cycles and the major events that occurred.  In 2012 from June 1-October 13 there were many major events that occurred. Such events included the Colorado Batman premier and others worldly events that had similar consequences. 

It will be a time when people become more aware of and in touch with their life purpose as it fits into the big picture. The old way of life will be shaken up and wherever we are stuck we will experience transformation and upheaval, but only for our greatest good both personally and collectively. Undoubtedly there will be some dramatic changes in the next few years, and with them will come some unexpected surprises that bring great delight. Life may well look very different at the end of this period.

Pluto offers deep transformation in our futures. Often we feel under a Pluto cycle that our life is out of our control. It can make us feel desperate, bringing us to our knees, so that we'll let go, loosen grips, and change.  Then the miracle happens. We stop old patterns.

This gives us increase shots with Uranus in Aries. These spurts of Pluto smash us open. As open, we find how to really live, and the soul force that's able to renew itself.

Rebirth and innovation bring a brand new sense of who you are. We might sense much "work" to do, integrating the shadow. And yet, Uranus in the optimistic fire sign of Aries keeps us in good spirits.

Put the two together - social and personal structures may suddenly be destroyed. Powerful urges for freedom and the desire to fully realize who and what we really are. A massive power shift is indicated through sudden, unprecedented upheaval, which could even lead to a new social or economic order.

Definitely expect major swings in the stock market.  Careful with investments. It is not the time to switch to make major changes with any investment strategies. It is a good time to keep things "safe."  Gun control and major crimes are going to be highlighted during this period. 

Though the above is applicable on a worldly level, the impact is felt out in the world.  However if both planets are in exact aspect to one of your planets or points, you will feel the impact of it based on what that planet means in your chart.  For example, 2 individuals battled illness when both planets impacted their Mars and required surgery.  


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