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Venus Retrograde Completed

On Wednesday the 27th, Venus finally turned direct after being retrograde for 6 weeks. This was not the easiest retrograde. I am very glad it is over.

The main event that occurred that grabbed my attention was Facebook going public. Wow - big mistake! Though I do not have the full birth data for Mark Zuckenberg, I did review his cycles and it too didn’t seem like the right timing for making any business or personal changes.

As for investors, making any major portfolio changes is not recommended. Just making any major financial decisions may not be wise because the value in the end will not be profitable.

There are a few celebrities that are poster children for very bad plastic surgery. I won’t mention names… but you know who they are. They either went to a butcher or over did it. Some have gone under the knife during a Venus retrograde and they did not like the results of it after the retrograde was complete. Guess what they do? They go in and re-do the procedure.

Getting married is not recommended. Starting a new job is not recommended. Starting a new relationship is not recommended. So is living under a rock recommended? Of course not... but I observed something very fascinating that does work on a Venus retrograde.

My favorite radio show fired an announcer 2 years ago. The station lost ratings. He was brought back last Friday the 22nd. In this instance, re-evaluating a previous relationship that went awry can be very healing. Revisiting old disagreements may be beneficial. Reviewing the value of a person or relationship is strong during a Venus Retrograde because Venus also rules our taste, ability to express appreciation, affection and experience satisfaction. So re-embarking an old job, old relationship, or old friendship may be very positive.

I was told that antiques become quite popular during a Venus retrograde because one re-inspects old items that have gone thru many owners. I have an acquaintance with a progressed Venus retrograde that is an antique collector.

So what happens to those items that you may have purchased on a Venus retrograde? You might return them because you may not like them or see their value is worthwhile. I once bought a cheap shirt on a Venus retrograde and never used it. It still hangs somewhere inside the closet walls. That’s very typical of any item purchased on a Venus retrograde. New people that entered your life may be seen through a different lens after the retrograde.

By the 7-8th of July you will start noticing more positive effects of Venus moving forward. One typical effect felt is “ Oh I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.” So enjoy it!












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